Tips for playing Great Blue Slot game

Blue Slot game

When it comes to slot games, nothing can take their place. Ever since their introduction, they have developed to be one of the most entertaining machines of all time. Though there are a lot of slot games some certainly steal the show. Whether it’s the pay-out they offer or the Jackpot, there is always space for the unique ones. Great Blue Slot is one such slot game that not just has the capacity to keep you hitched to the screen but at the same time pays a decent sum if you manage to hit it.

What is the Great Blue Slot game?

The slot game is produced by Playtech Games and is currently one of the most popular slot games on the internet. Based on the theme of ocean and Whales, the slot game is one of a kind. Intelligently designed to create a theme-based game, Great Blue is one of the best choices when it comes to slot gaming online.

What to expect

What to expect?

Compared to other slot games, Great Blue doesn’t disappoint but there is a variance in lookout and design. The theme is different as the name tells it but what sets it apart is a supercharged bonus feature that offers up to 33 free spins and a 15x multiplier. When the machine is about to be hot. no one can tell, but when it goes hot, it goes Hot.


Great Blue is a 5-reel and 25 Playtech slot game. The initial bet is from 25p to £125. However, there are scattered symbols in the game that you can collect to boost you in the game. If you collect 3 Sea Shell Scatter on reels, you can trigger a Great Blue Bonus. Likewise, 8 free spins with a 2x multiplier, 33 free spins with 15x multiplier. The unique feature of the game is that if you are lucky and the game is generous, you can trigger and re-trigger the bonus in the game.



When playing slot games, the budget plays an important role. Not only that, but the budget also plays an important role in anything. You will need a decent budget to play the game to stay in the long run and if you want to trigger something worth remembering. The best way to do it is not to just have a huge budget but also at the same time, know how to manage it. Your chances of winning the game depend upon how well you manage your budget and how long are you going to stay. Though the slot machines are unpredictable, you will not always win in the initial rounds.


The best part about the Great Blue slot is that it’s a well-designed game that will not just kill your boredom but also give you a fair advantage to win a couple of bucks to take home. The enhanced theme and the scatter symbols are what gives it an upper hand in the slot gaming.