13 slot tips Do’s and Don’ts

Slot tips

Whenever we think about casinos, slots machines come to the fore. Ever since its inception, the machines have become synonymous with the casino. Though they are easy to get the hang of if you follow certain tips, that will make sure that your experience never turns sour.

  1. Higher denomination:

The higher denomination slots you choose, the better. In other words, Dollar slots have a much higher rate of paying back than a quarter or nickel slots. However, you should be careful and bet with caution as the higher bet means high risk also.

  1. Progressive slots:

Progressive slots are what everybody wants, but you should make sure that you are eligible enough. On progressive slots, a fraction keeps adding to the Jackpot and it requires you to bet a particular amount to be eligible for the Jackpot.

Don’t exceed your budget

  1. Don’t exceed your budget:

Playing slots can be fun. You can lose track of time and money. It’s wise to not exceed your budget and be in that. Don’t bet an amount you can’t afford to lose.

  1. Small bets:

Don’t just go right into it. Start betting slow and eventually as the game progresses, increase your bet. This is a wise strategy and you are likely to win the same on the spin.

  1. Don’t scout:

If you scout for a machine that will give you a jackpot, you must know that there is no way to know that. Even if you play a game that has given out recently, the outcome is randomized.

  1. Don’t be intoxicated:

Gambling in general needs concentration. Make sure when you get to a casino you are sober, being intoxicated can affect your judgment and cause you to lose a lot of money.


  1. String:

Cheating is an act that the Casino will take strict action against. String theory is when you attach a string to the coin and as soon as it triggers the play, you bring it back. Don’t indulge in that.

  1. Fake coins:

This was a technique where a fraudster used fake coins and slugs to manipulate the slot machine. However, when the slot machines replaced the coins with Paper token, it became obsolete.

  1. Magnetic:

Magnets were used to spin the reels freely until the winning combination wouldn’t come. Then the player would hide the magnet and claim his reward. Though nothing of this sort happens now.

  1. Cheat by chip:

This was a sophisticated scam where an engineer working with Nevada Gaming Commission replaced the chips in the slot machines with his manipulated chips. He was arrested when it was found.

  1. Take rest:

Slots are not going anywhere. If you have been playing for a long time, rest is what you require. Don’t forget to have food.


  1. Pauses:

Pausing between spins is a nice way to let the machine randomize and restore itself.

  1. Jump:

Some players suggest that a slot machine is inclined to give back in its initial but soon it doesn’t. So what they do is they jump from one machine to another and also Slots that have been played recently are to be avoided.


There are certain tips for those interested in Slots. However, these things can matter as far as your intention is concerned but if you want to turn your visit into a productive and fun event, you will need to follow some certain rules.