The difference between Class II and Class III slot machines


Slot machines are very popular in the United States, but there is a lot that goes into the programming of slot machines. From programming chips to Classes, they are categorized and differentiated. This categorization and variance in programming are done to ensure the smooth running or games, but what are the major differences, and how does it affect the Slots? The Class II and Class III have a striking difference between them. Though they are designed to cater to the requirements of the slot gaming, the outcome is much different.

What are Class II slots?

Before we go into understanding the Class II slot, we must understand what is Class 2 gaming according to the federal law in the U.S. According to the federal law in the U.S, the definition of Class II gaming is:

the game commonly known as bingo (whether or not electronic, computer, or other technological aids are used in connection therewith) and, if played in the same location as the bingo, pull tabs, punch board, tip jars, instant bingo, and other games similar to bingo. So in other words, the gaming that falls in the concept of Bingo is Class 2. Class 2 Slots are a rapid speed and enhanced form of Bingo. When the player spins, the player is pooled with other players who also hit the button and he receives an outcome. The game can be played with two but there is no restriction on a maximum number of players.

What is Class III

What is Class III?

In nutshell, Class III is anything that doesn’t fit in Class II. Take for example Las Vegas Gaming. So what’s the difference? The central idea remains the same but other things change. In Class III, the machine uses a Random Number Generator to come to an outcome after you hit the spin and based on that number, whether you won or lost, is decided.

How to tell the difference?

The difference is easy to spot. IN Class II, there is an extra window where the Bingo pattern will be laid out. This is absent in Class III slots. Furthermore, the odds are worse in Class 2 than the latter. With the developments in the Casino world, Class II is becoming more of a talk of the past and is being taken over by class III.

Can they be found

Can they be found?

The gaming industry has become more diverse and advanced. The need for the Bingo logic to display is over. Class II is difficult to find as far as you are talking about Las Vegas or any place with liberal gaming activity, but you can still find that in Seminole Hard Rock, Florida due to it being the prominent place of Class 2 gaming innovation.


Class II is being replaced by Class III due to the regulation and the developments that have made the display of bingo logic an obsolete exercise. Slots have changed a lot in recent decades, and as the technology continues to dominate the industry, the need for more integration of both is required.