How To Win The Slots In Red/Blue?

Win The Slots

There are many hidden codes in the game which allows one to enjoy certain secrets and odd glitches. Not all of them can help you win but finding the right one can have the best impact which can allow one to get moving. These glitches can range from pressing the button combinations to help increase, which can damage the holding button to ensure that you have an easy glitch. There are many codes which do not work but holding down button does not affect the odds in any way.

Celadon City: All slot machines have different odds which can change every time. To win big, one needs to play each machine four times and can help two more to stick with the one which is probably not the best options.

Cut down grassy areas: Once you get to the HM in your Pokemon, you can cut down on the grassy areas which can easily allow one to get access to the two areas which the wild Pokemon will not attack in the area that you cut.

Fish in the status: Standing next to the status one can use a fishing rod which can allow one to start the fish. There is really not anything to this trick which is one of the best to help catch anything that comes in your way.

The Name secrets: The name you give your Pokemon affects its appearance in the Pokemon status. The secret is the colour variation and the lie you give your Pokemon as the trainer id. This is generally assigned to you in blue, red and yellow games. Here are some tips to help you bring the right change:

  • Use upper case names to get started.
  • Use lower caps for alternate colours.
  • Reverse the syllables.
  • Leave our certain syllables.
  • Insert hyphens.
  • Abridge the name.

Get Psyduck

An elusive amnesia technique in the red and blue allows you to have the right deep handle in the Pokemon stadium. Unlock, and you will learn to have access to the Psyduck. It does not matter if your Pokemon is rental or your own you need to make sure that you are using the amnesia technique to help transfer you back to the game boy cartridge which will help you play with it.


Win bonus Pokemon in Pokemon stadium

Every time you defeat the elite four, you can rival the randomly awarded one of the eight semi-rare to rare Pokemon which can allow one to have the right to transfer your game by cartridges. The Pokemon is awarded credits which can be picked up at the professor Oak’s lab which can allow one to hold on to the Pokemon to the same time.