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12 sneaky ways to cheat at slots


Slots gaming has changed a lot in the last few decades but the most significant development came in the recent decade. From the introduction of online casinos to the enhancement of games, the industry has developed and transformed. As far as Slots are concerned, they have become synonymous with the casino. Not only that, you no longer need to reach to a land-based casino to play slots but the games can be played on your computer or mobile phone. This is not just for slot gaming in particular but also for other casino games that are now available online.

Cheat codes:

Slot machines are programmed to give random and unbiased results. This is how its source code is designed, but a little twitch in the source code will give a different result. It can manipulate the result. Though it has happened in the past, this one is a no-go for now.

Fake coins

Fake coins:

Fake coins are another way to rig the machine. This is the most basic form of cheating and has been pulled off by many people but due to the introduction of the paper token, it can no longer be used.


The magnet has been used in the past. The process was simple. It was used to stop the reels from spinning when you saw your winning combination and then throw the magnet away to claim the reward.


It is a classic trick where a string is attached to the coin and inserted in the machine. When the coin triggers the start, the player pulls the coin back with the help of the string. This, however, does not work now.

Light wand:

It is a magic trick that has been pulled off by only a few people. Tommy Glenn Carmichael used his light wand to make the optical sensor of the machine obsolete. This way the machine didn’t know how many coins were put in and how much to give out. He materialized huge wins out of small deposits.

Piano wire:

This was one of the most intelligent cheats ever tried. The group that tried it worked at Caesars Boardwalk Regency casino in Atlantic City back in 1982. They attached Piano wires to the slot machines and used them to stop the reel from spinning. This allowed them to manipulate winnings.

Top-bottom joint:

This equipment of cheating was split into two parts – Top and bottom. The top was a metal rod and the bottom, a wire. The metal rod was inserted through the coin chute and Wire through the coin slot. This was the most popular form of cheating in the 1980s.

Monkey paw:

The Monkey Paw involves a guitar string attached to the metal rod. Then it was supposed to be inserted in the air vent and wriggled until it triggered an avalanche of coins.

Bill validator:

This is a device that makes the slot machine think that it is accepting a $100 bill when in actuality it’s just a $1 bill.

Chip replacement:

Dennis Nikrasch figured out the flaws of a slot machine in his garage. He hired programmers and scammers to manipulate the chips and then replaced the Slot programming chips with his manipulated ones.

Software glitch

Software glitch:

Software glitches can be a real problem. Though many of them are natural, they can also be triggered by playing certain games that will leave the slot machine confused and end up in a glitch that gives out a jackpot.

Shaved coin:

The trick involves sending a shaved coin and an object that resembled the coin inside the machine at the same time. The idea was that the slot machine will take the object and give back the coin.


When it comes to slots, things are quite easy. However, the cheats that worked in the past are not supposed to work now due to the enhancements and technological advancements of Slot gaming.

13 slot tips Do’s and Don’ts

Slot tips

Whenever we think about casinos, slots machines come to the fore. Ever since its inception, the machines have become synonymous with the casino. Though they are easy to get the hang of if you follow certain tips, that will make sure that your experience never turns sour.

  1. Higher denomination:

The higher denomination slots you choose, the better. In other words, Dollar slots have a much higher rate of paying back than a quarter or nickel slots. However, you should be careful and bet with caution as the higher bet means high risk also.

  1. Progressive slots:

Progressive slots are what everybody wants, but you should make sure that you are eligible enough. On progressive slots, a fraction keeps adding to the Jackpot and it requires you to bet a particular amount to be eligible for the Jackpot.

Don’t exceed your budget

  1. Don’t exceed your budget:

Playing slots can be fun. You can lose track of time and money. It’s wise to not exceed your budget and be in that. Don’t bet an amount you can’t afford to lose.

  1. Small bets:

Don’t just go right into it. Start betting slow and eventually as the game progresses, increase your bet. This is a wise strategy and you are likely to win the same on the spin.

  1. Don’t scout:

If you scout for a machine that will give you a jackpot, you must know that there is no way to know that. Even if you play a game that has given out recently, the outcome is randomized.

  1. Don’t be intoxicated:

Gambling in general needs concentration. Make sure when you get to a casino you are sober, being intoxicated can affect your judgment and cause you to lose a lot of money.


  1. String:

Cheating is an act that the Casino will take strict action against. String theory is when you attach a string to the coin and as soon as it triggers the play, you bring it back. Don’t indulge in that.

  1. Fake coins:

This was a technique where a fraudster used fake coins and slugs to manipulate the slot machine. However, when the slot machines replaced the coins with Paper token, it became obsolete.

  1. Magnetic:

Magnets were used to spin the reels freely until the winning combination wouldn’t come. Then the player would hide the magnet and claim his reward. Though nothing of this sort happens now.

  1. Cheat by chip:

This was a sophisticated scam where an engineer working with Nevada Gaming Commission replaced the chips in the slot machines with his manipulated chips. He was arrested when it was found.

  1. Take rest:

Slots are not going anywhere. If you have been playing for a long time, rest is what you require. Don’t forget to have food.


  1. Pauses:

Pausing between spins is a nice way to let the machine randomize and restore itself.

  1. Jump:

Some players suggest that a slot machine is inclined to give back in its initial but soon it doesn’t. So what they do is they jump from one machine to another and also Slots that have been played recently are to be avoided.


There are certain tips for those interested in Slots. However, these things can matter as far as your intention is concerned but if you want to turn your visit into a productive and fun event, you will need to follow some certain rules.


Best Slots Games For Android!

Games For Android

Slot games are all the rage today, and people want to make sure that they have access to games which will allow you to win. Slots are a fairly simple game which will allow you to have all the reels which is filled with free to play mechanics as well. Here are some of the best slots on android which you can enjoy with or without wagering money.

616 digital slots

616 digital slots are the development studio which can allow one to play a dozen of slot games which makes the developer has a unique section of free games. They have a pay once slot games as well, which is a rarity in slot spaces. The non-free to play slot games do not get updated anymore but is one of the best ways to help ensure that you have a positive slot experience.

777 slots

777 slots

777 slots are some of the popular slot games which is available right now which features a few slots. They have a daily bonus slot machine themes, multiplayer tournaments and various mini-games. The developer has many slot games which were later taken down. They do not have an amazing stretch that many of the games. The developer has more slots games which are in the past, which seems like you were taken down to the left. The developers are trying to add poker and bingo games to help widen their horizon and spice up the gaming experiences.

Casino joy

Casino joy is another slot game which gives you massive amounts of in-game currency to play at the beginning. It allows you to play for quite some time unless you need a refill. It is a game which has some of the best features and can allow you to play on the slot games on android. They include multiple machines to play on the forefront. This includes multiple machines to play on for larger payouts. It is a fairly remarkable slot game which can allow you to have the best of both worlds. Google Play has positive reviews on the game and the model as it is a good game to kill time.

Hana slots games

Hana slots games

Hana game is a developer on google play which has several basic slot games for android. Each variant has its own themes includes greek gods, Egyptians, under the sea, Aladdin and few others. The slots are simple and made with easy to understand mechanics. These games do not fall into the bad habit of paying out less than the cost spin most of the time as it will run out on the plays rather quickly. The bonuses let you play for a while, which can quickly get stuck in the game unless you get really lucky.

How Side Bets Help Your Chances Of A Bonus In Slot Play

Side Bets

The random number generator makes slot machine games purely of chance which will allow you to win it with the right odds. The odds are set in a manner which gives you 1 out of 50 on every spin. There is one on 50 changes that you can win the spin and win a bonus. With the number of games recently played the random number generator can become increasingly frequent with its bonus events. The odds of the symbol landing on the reels remain unchanged, and the bet can activate the second way, which can help one reach the mystery trigger and its own random number sets. The bonus is triggered at any time you see three bonus symbols on the reels. This allows you to change your mind and make the right start in your side bet. The RNG keeps the game working normal and can get you to reach the bonus events even with three bonus symbols.

Making the right side bet can have a mystery trigger which will allow you to get a bonus as well as the symbols to appear more frequently. This also leads the game into reaching randomly selected amount of play. You do not always need to have a winning combination to show the reels to win the mystery progressives to help enter your mystery bonus. There are extra triggers you need to make sure that you have access to frequent symbols which appears on the screens, which for the most part remain unchanged.

Slot machines

Slot machines of played right can bring back twice as much as video poker play. They have an expert strategy which will allow you to have the best game, which will help you get the right returns when playing slots and video poker. Playing slots for the game in unexpected and can allow you to have the right percentage of return.

Most modern slot machines do not have ten numbers on their reels which can allow one to have the right online and land-based casinos. There are five reels as opposed to the traditional three reels which can help one develop and programmers which is way more complicated than machines as there are thousands of combinations from symbols to random numbers on each reel. In a land-based casino, it is difficult for the programmer to fit more than 1000 symbols which can help one have mechanical slot machines. The programmers used to refer to as a virtual reel which can help one with brick and mortar casino with the small reels that can allow one to have more symbols which can later stop at a jackpot symbol. There is a huge play when it comes to determining the odds of the jackpot.

How to pick a winning slot machine and win?

Winning Slot Machine

Choosing a slot machine can be a hard choice. Though there are no direct strategies to win, choosing the right one can be a good choice, but the question is; how are you going to do that? There is no special trick for that and different people have varying thoughts and tactics to do that but some things are just universal. The first thing about slot machines or any type of gambling is to know or at least have a little knowledge about the game. This gives you an insight into it and helps you to elevate your chances.

Higher pay-outs:

The most important part about choosing is to know which slot machine is good and which is not preferable for playing. Having said that, there is still no way of knowing when a machine is due to hot but there is something that you can do. You will require a game that pays more than the others, but how will you know which is which? The answer is RTP (return to player). With a simple search on the Internet search engine, you will find plenty of sites that are dedicated to the RTP. They have entire sections dedicated to RTP where games with higher pay-outs are mentioned.

Walk thoroughly

Walk thoroughly:

This is one of the most important things to consider. If you want to win, you will first need to know about the perk the online casino is offering you. To attract players, Casinos offers bonuses and promotions on your initial deposit. Though this is to attract you, you can also take advantage of it, but you should always compare it with the other platforms. Don’t settle for the obvious and the first instead shop around and find the best deal that you can get.

High bets:

Though it may be a good idea to start low in poker in certain circumstances the same logic doesn’t apply to slots. Dollar slots pay more than the penny slots. This is a wide known fact. To qualify for the jackpot, you will need a certain amount to be wagered upon. Unlike penny slots, Dollar slots are much more beneficial and will certainly pay more than them, but if you are betting a less amount, you will also win, just that the reaped amount won’t be hefty if you can settle on that.


This is a tactic unique to only slots and should not be employed on other casino games. Learn from your fellow players and analyze the way they are playing. If there is something to pick up, learn from them. This will help you. Furthermore, many players think that the slots play in the beginning and they jump from one slot to another avoiding the ones that have been played recently.


There are no direct tactics to win at slots but with a little money management and strategies you can elevate your chances and don’t forget, it is supposed to be fun.

How To Tell If A Slot Machine Is Ready To Pay

Slot Machine

When an individual is picking a slot game, one of the main things they are looking for is a winning slot. Most people are looking to get access to the winning slot, but without the right information, it is hard to find the perfect slot machine. In this article, we are going to let you in on some tips and tricks which will help you tell if a slot machine is ready to pay.

The game hasn’t paid in ages

One of the first things to do is to look for a game that hasn’t been paying for a while. This is one of the best ways to learn if you are going to get paid or not. Make sure that you are noticing the slot machines and mark the slot which is paying well and also the one which is not paying well. This will allow you to learn a bit about casinos. There are some slot games which have progressive jackpots which can allow one to have the right winning. It is easy to get caught and hoping for a big payout but understanding the machines is your best bet at learning about your probability of winning.

Play popular games

Play popular games

Slot games are some of the biggest hits but opting for the ones which are untouched can allow you to win more easily. The reason is simple to as most popular games usually get the layout. Try to look around the floor and know the game which you can play well. If you are looking for online casino slots you can look into the reviews you play the game.

Look for the return to player

Both online and casinos slots have an RTP return to player percentage. The percentage of money that casino pay to the players is already set. The states and gaming authorities have a legal limit which goes to the casino. The threshold is generally low 80% which means that when investing $10, the casino will take $2 and you will get $8, which is not a bad profit. Try to look for the RTP by checking out the game itself, which is one of the best ways to make sure that you are dealing with RTP averages right.



Slot games are very volatile and often does not pay much as the less volatile the game, the more often it is played. These payouts are also a bit less frequent. A game with high volatility will payout larger to help keep in line with the RTP.

Play the max bet

If you want to increase the chances of winning a slot game, you can learn and play every time. This could turn the penny slot into 25 cent bets which can allow one to pay off easily.

How To Win The Slots In Red/Blue?

Win The Slots

There are many hidden codes in the game which allows one to enjoy certain secrets and odd glitches. Not all of them can help you win but finding the right one can have the best impact which can allow one to get moving. These glitches can range from pressing the button combinations to help increase, which can damage the holding button to ensure that you have an easy glitch. There are many codes which do not work but holding down button does not affect the odds in any way.

Celadon City: All slot machines have different odds which can change every time. To win big, one needs to play each machine four times and can help two more to stick with the one which is probably not the best options.

Cut down grassy areas: Once you get to the HM in your Pokemon, you can cut down on the grassy areas which can easily allow one to get access to the two areas which the wild Pokemon will not attack in the area that you cut.

Fish in the status: Standing next to the status one can use a fishing rod which can allow one to start the fish. There is really not anything to this trick which is one of the best to help catch anything that comes in your way.

The Name secrets: The name you give your Pokemon affects its appearance in the Pokemon status. The secret is the colour variation and the lie you give your Pokemon as the trainer id. This is generally assigned to you in blue, red and yellow games. Here are some tips to help you bring the right change:

  • Use upper case names to get started.
  • Use lower caps for alternate colours.
  • Reverse the syllables.
  • Leave our certain syllables.
  • Insert hyphens.
  • Abridge the name.

Get Psyduck

An elusive amnesia technique in the red and blue allows you to have the right deep handle in the Pokemon stadium. Unlock, and you will learn to have access to the Psyduck. It does not matter if your Pokemon is rental or your own you need to make sure that you are using the amnesia technique to help transfer you back to the game boy cartridge which will help you play with it.


Win bonus Pokemon in Pokemon stadium

Every time you defeat the elite four, you can rival the randomly awarded one of the eight semi-rare to rare Pokemon which can allow one to have the right to transfer your game by cartridges. The Pokemon is awarded credits which can be picked up at the professor Oak’s lab which can allow one to hold on to the Pokemon to the same time.

The difference between Class II and Class III slot machines


Slot machines are very popular in the United States, but there is a lot that goes into the programming of slot machines. From programming chips to Classes, they are categorized and differentiated. This categorization and variance in programming are done to ensure the smooth running or games, but what are the major differences, and how does it affect the Slots? The Class II and Class III have a striking difference between them. Though they are designed to cater to the requirements of the slot gaming, the outcome is much different.

What are Class II slots?

Before we go into understanding the Class II slot, we must understand what is Class 2 gaming according to the federal law in the U.S. According to the federal law in the U.S, the definition of Class II gaming is:

the game commonly known as bingo (whether or not electronic, computer, or other technological aids are used in connection therewith) and, if played in the same location as the bingo, pull tabs, punch board, tip jars, instant bingo, and other games similar to bingo. So in other words, the gaming that falls in the concept of Bingo is Class 2. Class 2 Slots are a rapid speed and enhanced form of Bingo. When the player spins, the player is pooled with other players who also hit the button and he receives an outcome. The game can be played with two but there is no restriction on a maximum number of players.

What is Class III

What is Class III?

In nutshell, Class III is anything that doesn’t fit in Class II. Take for example Las Vegas Gaming. So what’s the difference? The central idea remains the same but other things change. In Class III, the machine uses a Random Number Generator to come to an outcome after you hit the spin and based on that number, whether you won or lost, is decided.

How to tell the difference?

The difference is easy to spot. IN Class II, there is an extra window where the Bingo pattern will be laid out. This is absent in Class III slots. Furthermore, the odds are worse in Class 2 than the latter. With the developments in the Casino world, Class II is becoming more of a talk of the past and is being taken over by class III.

Can they be found

Can they be found?

The gaming industry has become more diverse and advanced. The need for the Bingo logic to display is over. Class II is difficult to find as far as you are talking about Las Vegas or any place with liberal gaming activity, but you can still find that in Seminole Hard Rock, Florida due to it being the prominent place of Class 2 gaming innovation.


Class II is being replaced by Class III due to the regulation and the developments that have made the display of bingo logic an obsolete exercise. Slots have changed a lot in recent decades, and as the technology continues to dominate the industry, the need for more integration of both is required.

The evolution of Slot gaming technology

Slot gaming technology

The slot machines have changed a lot in recent decades. From the 3-reel slots to the highly advanced video slots, the industry has transformed a lot in recent years. With the advent of online casinos, the slots have reached not just the homes of gamblers but also to places where Land-based casinos are yet to reach. The futuristic advancements and technological developments have made the slots much more preferable and approachable to many other demographics. Though initially, it struggled to make it in the mainstream, it has now become synonymous to the Casinos.

Early history:

Though the electronic slot machines are a recent invention, the slots, in general, have a long history. Much to our surprise, the first slot machine was invented by Sittman and Pitt in 1891. This was the most basic slot machine and allowed players to play poker. The player needed to insert the nickel and pull the lever hoping that resulting cards will give a winning hand. It soon made in the mainstream where it was installed in the bar whereupon winning you could gain free drinks or Cigars. Since it had no automatic cash-out, this was the best thing to do.


The slot remained in infancy until the new advanced slot machines were invented in the 1960’s. These were much better than their counterparts and were able to cash out up to 500 coins. Bally’s Money Honey was one of them. In traditional slots, you had to appoint an employee, but the new ones used better technology and there was no need for that. This is one era that changed the face of slot machines forever. They began to be incorporated and installed in casinos.

Video slots

Video slots:

This is what shortly came after Electromechanical slots as the concept was taken, polished, and advanced into a video slot where a screen was used. Initially, the houses were prone to the hacking of the machines but as time passed, the developers made more advancements in the video slots and made them almost hack-proof.

Modern slot:

Modern slots use the same central idea that generated the 1960’s slot machines, but the technology is much advanced. With higher graphics and enhanced sounds, the slots are designed in such a way that they keep you hitched to the screen and also make the ride entertaining. You can find bonuses, promotions, free spins, and scatter symbols. One spectacular feature that has been added to the slot gaming is the theme. The games are based around themes that provide the player an innovative way to get included with the game and make it more entertaining. There are some places where the use of 3D has added a lot of fun to the experience, but that area still needs to be adapted properly.


From the time of its inception, slots have changed the way casinos looked. They are the first things you notice. Compared to traditional slots, they have become much more advanced and a lot more player-friendly.

Tips for playing Great Blue Slot game

Blue Slot game

When it comes to slot games, nothing can take their place. Ever since their introduction, they have developed to be one of the most entertaining machines of all time. Though there are a lot of slot games some certainly steal the show. Whether it’s the pay-out they offer or the Jackpot, there is always space for the unique ones. Great Blue Slot is one such slot game that not just has the capacity to keep you hitched to the screen but at the same time pays a decent sum if you manage to hit it.

What is the Great Blue Slot game?

The slot game is produced by Playtech Games and is currently one of the most popular slot games on the internet. Based on the theme of ocean and Whales, the slot game is one of a kind. Intelligently designed to create a theme-based game, Great Blue is one of the best choices when it comes to slot gaming online.

What to expect

What to expect?

Compared to other slot games, Great Blue doesn’t disappoint but there is a variance in lookout and design. The theme is different as the name tells it but what sets it apart is a supercharged bonus feature that offers up to 33 free spins and a 15x multiplier. When the machine is about to be hot. no one can tell, but when it goes hot, it goes Hot.


Great Blue is a 5-reel and 25 Playtech slot game. The initial bet is from 25p to £125. However, there are scattered symbols in the game that you can collect to boost you in the game. If you collect 3 Sea Shell Scatter on reels, you can trigger a Great Blue Bonus. Likewise, 8 free spins with a 2x multiplier, 33 free spins with 15x multiplier. The unique feature of the game is that if you are lucky and the game is generous, you can trigger and re-trigger the bonus in the game.



When playing slot games, the budget plays an important role. Not only that, but the budget also plays an important role in anything. You will need a decent budget to play the game to stay in the long run and if you want to trigger something worth remembering. The best way to do it is not to just have a huge budget but also at the same time, know how to manage it. Your chances of winning the game depend upon how well you manage your budget and how long are you going to stay. Though the slot machines are unpredictable, you will not always win in the initial rounds.


The best part about the Great Blue slot is that it’s a well-designed game that will not just kill your boredom but also give you a fair advantage to win a couple of bucks to take home. The enhanced theme and the scatter symbols are what gives it an upper hand in the slot gaming.