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 AMD AthlonXP 1800+ - Preamble
 Date  : Feb 12th, 2002
 Category  : Processors
 Manufacturer   : AMD
 Author  : Tom Smith
In late 1999 AMD release their new processor, the Athlon. This processor really allowed AMD to establish it's self in the processor market, with its excellent performance. As the last 2 years have gone by, AMD has released 2 updates to the Athlon Processor line. First was the thunderbird which sported on die cache that ran at the full speed of the processor and at that point AMD transitioned over to a socket based processor. The latest version of the processor is based on the palomino core. Also AMD has released a SMP version, MP and have updated the Duron with the Morgan core. The Athlon has a new name to boot. XP. XP stands for Extreme Performance. Does the processor live up to it's new name? Read on to find out.

Today we have the XP 1800+ on the test bed. It is not the latest in AMD's line up but it is one of their top three. So with that lets check out what is new in the latest line.

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