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 S.W.I.N.E. - Preamble
 Date  : Dec 15th, 2001
 Genre  : Strategy
 Developer   : Stormregion
 Author  : Jin-Ning Tioh

RTS - Rabbit tail stew? Or real tasty sausage? On August 3rd, under the orders of the ruthless dictator General Iron Tusk, the NATIONAL ARMY OF PIGS crossed the border without warning and changed history forever, penetrating deep into Carrotland territory, homeland of the peaceful, fun loving Rabbits. In only two weeks, they burned everything to the ground and blockaded the capital. As a result of the bitter fighting, the rabbit forces are decimated. The towns and villages have been deserted. Outnumbered and outgunned, the rabbits' determined defense has proven to be ineffectual against the rapidly advancing hordes of swine. In desperation, the rabbit government and the rabbit High Command have reached the following decision. Because it is impossible to defeat the swine forces with a frontal attack, they will thus have to resort to subterfuge. Assembling a tough backup team from the remainders of the fighting reserves, this team will need to penetrate enemy lines and be able to attack the enemy from behind, without suffering too many losses. The primary objective will be to cut off the enemies' supply lines and destroy their military support facilities. Now, the fate of Carrotland lies in the hands of a single smart and resourceful leader who must take command and lead the forces of liberation against the chaos and destruction being caused by the evil pig regime...

This amusing new offering may look kinda cutesy with all them cute little animals on the cover, but don't be fooled - It's a robust real-time strategy game with all the trimmings. And while the story line is simple enough - Command either a squad of hares or pigs in a struggle for global domination - Mastering your limited resources of tanks and supplies can prove to be a challenge to grizzled RTS veterans, with the player having to learn and control the specialties of each and every type of vehicle. So saddle up, and read on to find out if this retail box full of naturally aggressive barnyard critters and tanks are worth your gaming bucks...

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