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ABIT Siluro MX400 - Preamble
 Date  : Jul 11th, 2001
 Category  : Video
 Manufacturer   : ABIT
 Author  : Jin-Wei Tioh
It has been quite some time since nVIDIA introduced the GeForce2 MX, which soon became one of its most popular product. Competent 3D gaming performance with workstation graphics features such as dual display support. Quite the irresistible package.

Soon after its release, other people came to play in nVIDIA's court. ATI launched the Radeon SDR and the Radeon VE. Matrox tackled the GeForce2 MX's workstation features with their G450. These solution performed better and cost less. Clearly, nVIDIA had to do something to maintain their presence in the value segment of the video card market.

The solution? Segment the GeForce2 MX line; the GeForce2 MX200 and the MX400. The MX200 is a lower-end solution, while the MX400 is a higher-end solution meant to replace the original GeForce2 MX. Today, we take a look at a product based on the new GeForce2 MX400 chipset, the ABIT Siluro MX400.

ABIT is certainly no stranger to the tech community. They electrified the scene with their revolutionary SoftMenu technology, in the form of the IT5H motherboard which achieved spectacular overclocking results. Then came other overclocking stars such as the BX6 and the BH6. This Taiwanese company has certainly met with much success outside the Asian market.

Originally, ABIT limited its production to motherboards. However, as other motherboard manufacturers began expanding their product line, so did ABIT. Starting with nVIDIA's GeForce chip, ABIT continued the trend with the Siluro GF2 MX, based on the GeForce2 MX chip, and now the Siluro MX400, their current top of the line model. There's also the Siluro T400, which is basically a MX400 with TV-out. So, how does a video card from a premiere motherboard manufacturer perform? Let's find out.

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