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Icemat - Preamble
 Date  : Feb 23rd, 2001
 Category  : Input Devices
 Manufacturer   : Icemat
 Author  : Jin-Wei Tioh
The tech world nowadays is abuzz with talk of mousing surfaces. Why? Well you see, all the mice in the world joined together to form a mouse union. The union deplored the working conditions of mice. They don't get paid for overtime (in fact, they don't even get base pay), get heat strokes after being used for excessive periods of time, and get sore err... appendages after being made to run around on lousy surfaces. You can't blame mice for not performing up to par in light of all these job difficulties. Yet some masters give them a good smacking or even toss them around a couple of times in frustration.

Great story, eh? :) But seriously, mousing surfaces may be one of the most overlooked things when it comes to computer peripherals. 3M, being the first to see the light, started the craze with its PMS (Precise Mousing Surface) mousepad. By many accounts, it was an innovative product, but flawed in implementation. It was followed closely by Everglide and Ratpadz, each of which had their own fan base.

For a while, the mouse union was quiet, but a ruckus soon started again. Enter the Icemat, kindly provided by Michael Nord of Icemat, to salve the situation. Note : Even though this product was supplied directly by the manufacturer, there is no bias in this review. If a product is lousy, I will say that it is lousy (and bluntly at that).

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