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 Heroes Chronicles
 Date  : Dec 13th, 2000
 Genre  : Turn-based Strategy
 Developer   : 3DO Studios
 Author  : Jin-Ning Tioh
"Another day, another expansion. So why don't you just get to the sequel?" Once again, 3DO Studio has cooked up yet another expansion series to the Heroes Of Might And Magic universe. Heroes Chronicles uses the Heroes Of Might And Magic III engine, including heroes, towns, and nearly every video from Heroes Of Might And Magic III and its expansions, Armageddon's Blade and The Shadow Of Death. The only few videos that are new to the game are the intros to each Heroes Chronicles episode. Also, nothing has changed in the sound and music department. But the stories for each episode are fresh and original, not to mention well thought-out. However, it's a pity that the juicier parts of the stories are told in text form in between turns. Other than that, if you don't mind the same graphics and interface used in Heroes of Might And Magic III, then Heroes Chronicles is a worthy addition to your collection. Each game is capable of running on itself without the original Heroes of Might and Magic III Program, making it a game in itself. Also, one thing I forgot to mention is that you'll carry the hero of the story, Tarnum, throughout the campaigns, so trains him up well during missions. So, without further ado, let's plunge in, shall we?

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Throughout the series, you'll play Tarnum, a barbarian who led his people to freedom from the oppression of the Wizards of Bracada. But, during his campaign to free his people, he was finally cut down in battle. When he tried to enter paradise, the Ancestors deemed him unworthy to enter, thus sending back to his mortal form. Here is a summary of what actually happened to Tarnum and what else is to come.
Warlords Of The Wasteland  
In this episode, you'll discover what actually happened before Tarnum's reincarnation. It will narrate Tarnum's past of how he led his people to freedom from the oppression that the Wizards Of Bracada were imposing, and how he later became a barbarian tyrant who ruled over his people and others with an iron fist. In the end, he would be deemed unworthy to enter paradise because of his sin.

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Conquest Of The Underworld    

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After Tarnum's defeat at the hands of the knight Rion Gryphonheart, founder of Earthia, Rion soon past away and entered paradise. Soon after, the devils of the underworld kidnapped Rion's soul from paradise and dragged him into the underworld. It is up to Tarnum to help Queen Allison save the man who killed him in his last live. But the devils and undead will soon become the least of Tarnum's worry as he comes face to face with his past sins...
Master Of The Elements    
As fate would have it, Tarnum is directed by the ancestors to help quell a war between the four elemental lords of fire, water, wind and earth, before they tear the world apart in their quest for dominance. In order to accomplish this, Tarnum must help the very people that he despises the most, the Wizards Of Bracada to enter the elemental planes and destroy all four lords. Will Tarnum manage to quell his urge for revenge? Or will the elemental lords succeed in tearing the world apart with their petty but fatal squabbling?

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Clash Of The Dragons    

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After defeating the elemental lords and sending them back to each of their elemental planes successfully, Tarnum spent several peaceful years living with the long-lived elves and the wise dragons in the forests of AvLee. But fate is not done with Tarnum yet. When the green and hold dragons suddenly disappear without a word, Tarnum must find a way to release these great beasts from Mutare, the dragon queen's control, or face the consequence : Mutare's total conquest of the world.
The World Tree
After receiving the ancestors cry for help, Tarnum must now stop Vorr, an ancestor who had gone insane with power and sided with the necromancers in their quest to destroy the world tree, which gives life to the very earth itself. More troubling are the ancestors long silence since their distress call to Tarnum. So Tarnum will have to deal with the matter of locating the ancestors and freeing them before it is too late. But how can he beat an enemy who is far superior to him in both strength and power?

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The Fiery Moon

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After preventing the Vorr and his necromancer allies from destroying the world tree, Tarnum must once again go above ground to hunt down Vorr who is still alive and well, and holding the ancestors hostage. To add to Tarnum's problems, the devils have also decided to side with Vorr. Will Tarnum manage to prevail in his final battles with Vorr and his new allies, the devils? Or is he destined to fall? Only time, determination and a strong will can tell...

I bought the series for two reasons : 1) It's my job. 2) I'm a Heroes Of Might And Magic junkie. Even if I wasn't a junkie of the series, I wish that they'll just get on with the sequel already. But if you enjoy the Heroes Of Might And Magic series, the Heroes Chronicles series is worth your while. Also, for a limited time only, you can download the entire episodes of The World Tree and The Fiery Moon at the official 3D0 website. Pretty cool huh? But what's the catch? You have to own at least two episodes of the Heroes Chronicles series to download The World Tree, not including The Fiery Moon, and three episodes not including The World Tree to download The Fiery Moon. If you intend to complete your collection of the Heroes Chronicles, I suggest you take advantage of it now, before it ends on the 23rd of January 2001.

Here are some additional screenshots :

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