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   Review : Command & Conquer : Red Alert 2 - Collector's Edition »  


 Command & Conquer : Red Alert 2 - Collector's Edition
 Date  : Dec 3rd, 2000
 Genre  : RTS
 Developer   : Westwood Studios
 Author  : Jin-Ning Tioh

One tiny fact that I did not mention is that our copy of Red Alert II is a Collector's Edition. In addition to Command & Conquer : Red Alert II and other goodies we'll come to later, each Collector's Edition box has a unique number, making it a collectable piece of Command & Conquer history. Without further ado, I'll dive into the Collector's Edition :

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An Exclusive DVD

This is the crowning piece of the Collector's Edition. Containing not only re-mastered cut scenes from the game itself, the DVD comes with never before seen art from the game and behind-the-scenes footage featuring Kari Wuhrer and other big Hollywood stars. It seems Westwood decided to skimp on packaging since they stuffed everything inside a quad box.

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Original Soundtrack Music CD

Eighteen brand spanking new tracks of Red Alert II music will allow you to take the thrill of a Tesla Trooper charging on the road. Or at least that's what the box says. Seriously, the soundtrack is neat. The musical composition has improved somewhat compared to Tiberian Sun. However, as mentioned earlier, Westwood decided to stuff everything including the music CD inside a quad box, unlike Tiberian Sun.

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A Hand-Crafted Pewter Figurine

This custom designed pewter figure will make good company through out all those Red Alert II all-nighters. Included in each copy of the Collector's Edition is either the Soviet Tesla Trooper or the Allied Chrono Legionnaire. Funny why we keep getting the baddies from each game. BlueSmoke acquired the NOD Soldier when we bought Tiberian Sun's Platinum Edition and the Soviet Tesla Trooper when we got the Collector's Edition. Seems our evil alter-egos could be winning in the battle of good and evil...

Instruction Manual

Each copy of Red Alert II also comes with the standard issue instruction manual. Nothing special here. Just thought I should mention it.

Red Alert II Promotional T-Shirt

BlueSmoke acquired its copy of Red Alert II when Westwood's website was still "Pre-ordering". It seems that Westwood shipped out its supplies to Asia even when it claimed it was pre-ordering. In what we suspect is an Asia-Pacific promotion, we received a promotional T-shirt with a Soviet Logo. Seems the baddies just love us, don't they?

Additional Downloads

Jin-Wei has just uploaded several videos from the DVD. Here is a quick list of what's available :

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