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 Nexland Pro100 Internet Sharing Box - Preamble
 Date  : May 14th, 2002
 Category  : Networking
 Manufacturer   : Nexland
 Author  : Jin-Wei Tioh
As the Internet increasingly proliferates our lives, home users and businesses of all sizes are suddenly realizing that they share similar Internet requirements and security concerns. What with the increasingly complex applications and the downloading of massive files, broadband is shaping into more of a necessity rather than a luxury. Even small businesses and a fair number of homes have multiple computers, and like larger enterprises, shared Internet access and in essence data availability (whether remote or local) safeguarded with tight security is a prime issue.

So what/who holds this integral job? Routers - whether software or hardware. Hardware routers generally allow higher throughput than most software solutions, doesn't require a host computer and is consequently more reliable. Today we take a look at the Pro100, one of several internet security appliances from Nexland. A relatively new player in the field, Nexland's products have been adopted by quite a few large enterprises including Motorola, Bell Canada, Symantec and even Cisco. Nexland's claim to fame is their patent pending ability of allowing encrypted VPN packets over NAT, multi-session IPSec and PPTP. Here's a brief technical overview of the Pro100 :

Nexland Pro100 ISB
LAN Port/s 10/100BaseT RJ45 (1)
WAN Port/s 10BaseT RJ45 (1)
LEDs Top LAN TX/RX (1)
PPPoE Active
WAN Connected
Failover Active
Rear LAN 100
LAN 10
LAN Duplex/Collision
WAN Link
Dynamic DNS Yes
Cable/xDSL Sharing Yes
10/100 Hub/Switch No
IPSec Yes (Multi-session)
PPTP Yes (Multi-session)
L2TP Yes (Single session)
DHCP Server Yes (253 clients)
DHCP Client Yes
Virtual Server Yes
DMZ (Exposed Host) Yes (1)
Auto Connection Failover Yes (Serial dialup/ISDN)
Load Balancing No
Administration Web Yes
Telnet No
Console No
Remote Yes
Access Control Yes
Software-upgradeable Firmware Yes

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