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 Command & Conquer : Red Alert 2 - Preamble
 Date  : Nov 26th, 2000
 Genre  : RTS
 Developer   : Westwood Studios
 Author  : Jin-Ning Tioh

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In 1995, Westwood helped establish one of the most loved and successful games in history with Command & Conquer. This led to the development of Command & Conquer: Red Alert in 1996, which dominated the real time strategy world (RTS). Now, after four years of anticipated waiting, Westwood has finally brought its sequel, Red Alert 2 to store shelves. Since BlueSmoke just recently acquired a copy of the game, this faithful editor has been camping in his room blowing up both Soviet and Allies alike to smithereens.

Red Alert 2 takes place 20 years after the Western European Alliesí victory over the Soviets in Red Alert. Since then, the Soviets have been contented to co-exist peacefully with the Allies. But the Soviets in Mother Russia have different ideas. Using Psychic Troopers to knock out the Americansí early warning systems and turn the Alliesí own troops against themselves, they have managed to stage a full-scale invasion of America, executing well planed attacks on all major US cities. Even more unnerving is the Soviets ability to deploy mind control devices in all conquered cities to gain both the Allies military and civilian populace to take up arms against their own governments. Now, as the Soviets decimate the states of America one by one, the Allies prepare to mount a desperate defense of their homeland against the might of the Soviet Union. Itís Red Alert all over again...

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