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 Etherlords - Preamble
 Date  : Dec 11th, 2001
 Genre  : Strategy
 Developer   : Nival Interactive
 Author  : Jin-Ning Tioh

Many intriguing games have appeared over the course of our game industry's history. From Black & White to Populous, these games have tried to push the envelope on their respective genres. One recent example would have to be Nival Interactive's latest 3D Turn-based strategy title, Etherlords, a mixture of the popular card game Magic : The Gathering, as well as the well-received strategy series Heroes of Might & Magic. The talented folks over at Nival have toyed with such an interesting mixture, that one way or another, this is one title which simply cannot be ignored. In beta-testing sessions held for players around the globe recently, I had the pleasure of helping fine-tune it almost to perfection. So, should you burn open a big gapping hole in your wallet and purchase this game, or should you just forget it and go buy some candy instead? Find that out and more in our in-depth coverage of Etherlords.

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