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 DIY Case Badge Kit
 Date  : Dec 7th, 2001
 Category  : Case Modding
 Manufacturer   : MultiPlayCity
 Author  : Jin-Wei Tioh
Case modding is a whole new phenomenon that has slowly gained momentum in the past year or so. It is now most acceptable to paint/chrome your expensive aluminum case, add perspex windows, a fanbus, a couple of blowholes, or even add neon lights or GloWires. Some have even constructed their own custom (and usually perspex) cases from scratch, or converted briefcases for the purpose. Hell, even automakers are catching on. Flame decals, racing stripes, spoilers, neon accent lights - they're on the way. It's all about customizability and individuality.

So you've done everything to your case. However, one thing you might have overlooked is the case badge. Sure, you can now purchase your favorite company's or site's case badge for roughly US$4 a pop, but wouldn't it be great if you could achieve real customization? That's where the DIY case badge kit from MultiPlayCity comes into play (pun intended), kindly provided by Chester Chen.

Step 1  :  The kit consists of 6 clear polydomes and 6 double-sided tape pieces, as well as an accompanying instruction sheet. Mainly, what you need is the design you want handy, a color printer, some rubbing alcohol (I used pure iso-propyl alcohol), and either a razor blade and ruler or a just a plain 'ol pair of scissors.

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Step 2  :  First thing to do is to either design your own graphic (600x600 pixels) or have a ready-made one at hand. I used a Deus Ex graphic for my personal case badge, while Jin-Ning used one from Tiberian Sun. Both are available in the Case Badge Gallery for download.

Step 3  :  Next, set your graphics program to print your graphic as a 1" x 1" (25mm^2) square at 720dpi or greater. One program that can do this (and was used in this article) is ACDSee. I printed the case badges onto a sheet of Epson's photo quality inkjet paper using an Epson Stylus Color 680 at 2880dpi.

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Step 4  :  Wait for the ink to dry, and carefully peel away a polydome. This can be done with just your hands, but be careful not to get any fingerprints on it (trust me, they look bad). Then align one edge of the polydome with the edge of your printed badge. Slowly press it down and squeeze out any trapped air bubbles.

Step 5  :  Using either a razorblade and ruler, or more conveniently a pair of scissors, cut out the polydome.

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Step 6  :  Now, peel off a double-sided tape piece and apply the cut-out polydome to it.

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Step 7  :  Almost done. Just clean the area you wish to attach your case badge with some rubbing alcohol and slap on your brand new case badge. Voila!

Congratulations! Now you have yourself a professional looking case badge, fully indistinguishable from commercial badges. The best part? You're only paying US$8 for 6 badges, compared to US$4 for a commercial one, and you get to print whatever you want. If you already have a modded case, this is a definite must have! If not, hey, everyone has got to start modding somewhere along the line, so you might as well start off with something more "light-duty" like the case badge! Very Highly Recommended!

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