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 Etherlords Beta - Preamble
 Date  : Nov 22nd, 2001
 Genre  : Strategy
 Developer   : Nival Interactive
 Author  : Jin-Ning Tioh

Enter a world with no boundaries. Where lords and creatures battle to the death in apocalyptic showdowns. Where creatures of flesh and bone or steel and iron clash. Where might and ether prevail over even the strong. Welcome, to the World of Lords. In a world where the very crust of the earth itself is nothing more than a clout of mysterious magical substances known as Ether, four races battle each other for supremacy. The Synthets, beings of steel and flesh, fight with cold ruthlessness besides their allies, the fiery Chaots, equipped with a strength unsurpassed in all the land. Going against the chaos and destruction is the sacred alliance of the Kinets, wise in the ways of war and magic, and the Vitals, true masters of nature and life. With time running out for the four races to reach the White Castle and defeat the White Lord, the final battle between destruction and life must be fought.

Etherlords is a 3D turn-based strategy bringing players a totally novel game play, which merges best of New World Computing's Heroes of Might & Magic series and the popular trading card game Magic : The Gathering by Wizards of the Coast into one holistic package. Combined with a strategic resource management system, Etherlords stormed the gaming world at its first appearance at E3 2001. Developer Nival Interactive, better known for its role-playing game Evil Islands : Curse of the Lost Soul and its Rage of Mages series, recently held beta-testing sessions for players around the globe. Currently in its second stage, a total of 1100 testers are working on improving gameplay and debugging the game. Having the pleasure of personally testing the game since the first stage, please join me on an exclusive tour of game from the inside. Read on and find out if Etherlords will really be worth your gaming buck as well as your time.

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