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 Etherlords Beta Essays - Preamble
 Date  : Nov 12th, 2001
 Genre  : Strategy
 Developer   : Nival Interactive
 Author  : Multiple

Recently, on the 2nd of November 2001, the results for the Etherlords Beta Writing Competition held among Nival Interactive's beta-testers team was announced. After carefully scrutinizing all the contest entries, the winners were listed down on the main page of the official Etherlords site. The lucky winners - Dominic Clarke, J.J. Hermans and Gleb Sokolov, got to choose the color of their new Nival Team T-Shirts. However, since it was hard to choose winners among the other interesting essays submitted, more articles were selected and published as well, together with the winning essays. The names of additionally selected authors are Ivan "VanyaCKiller" Gekht, George Chamurliev, Adnel Ortiz and BlueSmoke's own Jin-Ning "Chaos" Tioh.

In co-operation with Nival Interactive, today BlueSmoke brings you the winning English reviews of Dominic Clarke and J.J. Hermans, as well as the additionally selected author Adnel Ortiz aka Betrayer X. Be sure to read them, as they contain a lot of useful information about Nival Interactive's 3D Turn-based strategy game, Etherlords.

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