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HighSpeed PC Rounded Cables - Preamble
 Date  : Feb 26th, 2001
 Category  : Case Modding
 Manufacturer   : HighSpeed PC
 Author  : Jin-Wei Tioh
Rounded cables are one of the latest crazes on the 'net, well besides "All your base are belong to us" that is. After case modding really took off around the middle of 2000, it became quite acceptable to paint/chrome your case, add neon lights, perspex windows or even laser/plasma cutting patterns onto your case. While some of these are just for vanity, some do serve the crucial purpose of improving airflow in the case. Modern processors are incredibly efficient at producing heat, and for optimal system cooling, both air intake and output must be adequate.

Rounded cables provide a neat solution the problem of airflow restriction by reducing the clutter in a computer. This trend started after Felix Harrington wrote his cable rounding article. If what he writes is true, the real people who started doing this were those at Compaq. However, being homemade cables, they looked aesthetically challenged and were questionable quality-wise. Lower quality would result in crosstalk on the cables, which ultimately leads to data corruption, especially the newer ATA-66 and ATA-100 protocols which have a lower margin of tolerance. Thus, for all the benefits offered, quite a number people were still reluctant to use them. Targeting this group, manufacturers started producing commercial rounded cables, which are machine made, and should therefore be of higher quality.

Today, we'll take a look at the rounded IDE and floppy cables from HighSpeed PC, which have been kindly provided by Scott Brown.

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