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 Date  : Feb 9th, 2001
 Genre  : Action
 Developer   : Virgin Interactive
 Author  : Jin-Ning Tioh
3 minutes, get in, get out, stay cool... Virgin Interactive's next big hit, Heist is about pull off a well-oiled heist on the gaming community. Before that happens however, BlueSmoke is about to pull off a little heist of our own, with our exclusive right here.

Heist follows the story of a dangerous criminal who just recently got himself and his crew busted by the cops. Soon however, a mysterious figure spends a lot of time and cash to bail him out. Once out, this lone criminal is sent to a deserted desert town where he is contacted by a man known as the Colonel. He will serve as your link to the 'Big ole boss man' who busted you outta that hole. He wants you to pull off some major gigs in the big time. But first, you'll have to assemble a crew of your own, consisting of hackers, lock pickers, gangsters, and ex-military personnel, all with their own range of special skills and weaknesses. These assignments will take your crew of outlaws from obscurity to occupying a well-earned place at the top of the FBIs most wanted list, where you can basket in all the notoriety of your place in the underworld. However this won't be an easy job, as you'll have to cope with the local police as well as other rival gangs who may not take a really big liking towards you.

In short, this is definitely a game worth waiting for, with it's detailed cities and slick gameplay. The demo version is already out, and it is rumoured that it has already gone gold! So, what are you waiting for? Pre-order it now! In the meantime, we'll bail you out with some slick screenshots from the game. Note, the full-sized FMV shots look much better in the actual game, whereas it is a little unfocused here.

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