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 Diablo II Expansion Pack - Preamble
 Date  : Sept 23rd, 2000
 Genre  : RPG
 Developer   : Blizzard Entetainment
 Author  : Jin-Ning Tioh

Once again, it is time to start sharpening your falchions, spears, swords or whatever instruments of war is it that you use to dispatch the bad guys from the bowels of hell because Baal is coming to town. While some of you are still busy whacking Diablo and his "overly-friendly" minions in Diablo II, Blizzard has announced a new expansion pack for the sequel. Word is that the expansion pack has actually been in development for several months now, coincidently when Blizzard's designers were putting the spit n' shine on Diablo II. The expansion pack follows up on Diablo II 's storyline, where after killing off Diablo and his brother Mephisto, you must now finish the job by taking care of Baal, who is attempting to corrupt the Worldstone artifact so as to unleash the forces of hell onto the mortal realm.

It's an ugly job but someone has to do it, right? Don't fret, you'll have two new character classes to help you hack n' slash through Baal's minions, which are the Assassin and the Druid. There will also be tons of new weapons, armor and useful items, including class-specific ones, increased stash size and new recipes for the Horadric cube. Unfortunately, Baal has cooked up more nasty surprises for you, like the Overseer, Minotaur Demon, Reanimated Horde and Suicide Minion. There will be also an entirely new act set in the Barbarian Highlands. In a recent development that will surely invoke spasms of joy from the fans, players will not only be able to use their new characters in the new act, but take them through the original 5 acts as well. Other interesting enhancements also include more interactive environments such as siege towers. The release date for Diablo II 's expansion pack is somewhere during the first half of the year 2001, according to Blizzard. Let us all hope and pray that Blizzard makes the deadline this time, or curse and swear (well, not in front of the little ones) if they don't.

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