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Submit your cool case mod to the gallery! Don't worry, there's no criteria set. Just send us the following info :
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Latest Entry : June 14th, 2004 - 15:57:11
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Case #120  
Name  :  Kjell Erik Budalen
E-Mail  :  kjellerik@overklokking.no
Site  :  http://www.overklokking.no
Case  :  AOpen - HX08
Comments  :  Aopen HX08, Abit BE6-2, 2x128MB Mosel, PIII-850@1096MHz with Taisol cooler, Creative GeForce DDR@ 168/364 with Blue Orb, 30GB IBM 75GXP, Soundblaster Live, 48xSony CD, LG 4x4x24 cdrw. It has 5mm plexi in the side and red light inside. In the front it is a tempcheck too cpu and it has a fancontroller. On the top it is a handle too easy get the tower on LAN. It has 5 80mm Papst fan inside too cool down theair inside the case.



Case #119  
Name  :  Kjell Erik Budalen
E-Mail  :  kjellerik@overklokking.no
Site  :  http://www.overklokking.no
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  This is one of the test PCs at www.overklokking.no. The hardware inside is : Abit vt6x4,128mb Mosel ram, Celeron 600@945 with Golden Orb, Pioner 6x DVD, Creative Annilator Pro @168/360mhz. I have put in one 80mm papst fan in front and one in the back. Inside it has two red lights and a plexi on the side.



Case #118  
Name  :  Robert Woodham
E-Mail  :  sales@valleybicycles.com
Site  :  N/A
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  So here is my box; Its an 1gig Athlon, Tyan MB, ATA-100, 768 mgs PC-100, Voodoo 5500, Sound Blaster Live. I do use this for work but my games just smoke on here.



Case #117  
Name  :  mbw
E-Mail  :  mbw@wanadoo.nl
Site  :  N/A
Case  :  Custom
Comments  :  Here is my own disign cool case, I still need to add the watercooling, kvm switch, server, aircoolers. Will send more pictures when it is finished.



Case #116  
Name  :  Robert Leidy
E-Mail  :  robert@mz3.net
Site  :  http://mz3.net
Case  :  Nikao
Comments  :  Previous case was a mega-tower, moved to a small case to make it easier to take to lan games. This case is much more "Z3 friendly".



Case #115  
Name  :  gospeedracergo1
E-Mail  :  gospeedracergo1@hotmail.com
Site  :  http://apollo.spaceports.com/~spdracer
Case  :  Custom
Comments  :  Perhaps the most unique case is... not case at all! I don't think anyone else has done this. These are the guts of an ancient (crica early 1996) Acer system that I dicovered was still in my closet a few weeks ago. In a fit of boredome, I naled the thing to my wall. I now have a full working "PC on a Wall". Here are the specs, for a laugh: Pentium 133 (no MMX), 32mb fastpage RAM, integrated Cirrus Logic video (max res: 800x600), no sound card, 2.1gb harddrive (the original price tag says $299), and a floppy drive.



Case #114  
Name  :  gospeedracergo1
E-Mail  :  gospeedracergo1@hotmail.com
Site  :  http://apollo.spaceports.com/~spdracer
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  This is my botched up attempt to paint a case :). I actually did this as a project for my comercial art class. The problem is, I ended up having about 1/3 the amount of time I thought I would to paint it. Oh well, it's still a hell of a lot better than a beighe box! Other enhancements include a hidden dvd drive (the eject button still works) and a working ingition switch replacing the power switch. The computer was top of the line about a year ago, so it's pretty slow now ;). AMD 700, 128mb PC133, Aopen AK72 (Via KX133) GeForce DDR, Soundblaster Live!, ATI TV-Wonder, Linksys Etherfast 10/100, Pioneer 16x DVD, Internal Zip 100, internal usb port (from http://www.dalco.com), Maxtor 7200rpm ATA66 30gig.



Case #113  
Name  :  [RAG] Sting
E-Mail  :  wolfpac@hetnet.nl
Site  :  N/A
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  Celeron566@850, Voodoo3 3000, Asus p3v4x, Soundblaster Live 1024, 192MB Ram, Alpha fc30t+Delta60mm HP, 2x120mm Sunon, 12v/off/7v dual led baybus, Star Trek Klingon logo on the side.



Case #112  
Name  :  Shane Ulyatt
E-Mail  :  sales@alienmedia.com.au
Site  :  http://www.alienmedia.com.au/cases
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  Here is my new case I designed recently. We are making cases now for anyone that would like one pre-built or mod kits for those wanting to do it themselves! We have only recently setup shop so the site is still in beta mode...

This case was inspired from too many Star Trek episodes and late nights!



Case #111  
Name  :  Wizard
E-Mail  :  wizard@technohive.com
Site  :  http://www.cormusic.com
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  Dual PIII 600's (upgradable to 933Mhz + OC-ing to come!) on a Tyan Tiger 133a S1834, 256MB KingMax PC133 TinyBGA Dimm (both primary CPU and the DIMM are cooled by an ALPHA P3125/ADDA system, 2nd CPU by a modded Vantec P3D-5030), 3D ProphetII GTS 64MB Vidcard, over 90+GB's of Maxtor ATA/100 HD space (w/drive overlay), TDK 8432 CDRW, E-MU Audio Production Studio (APS), DigitalDoc5 monitoring/controlling 8 out of 13 total blowers/fans, 500W EnerMax PSU, 3COM 3C905C-TX Nic, and a red "Lightning Rod" sound-activated neon with front toggle switch. All cables professionally rounded or tubed.



Case #110  
Name  :  Robert B.
E-Mail  :  robert@hitechmods.com
Site  :  http://www.hitechmods.com
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  Just call me Nutz! But more mods are coming soon :-)



Case #109  
Name  :  Ashley aka "Nekros"
E-Mail  :  theenecros@hotmail.com
Site  :  N/A
Case  :  AOpen
Comments  :  Athon Thunderbird 800@900, 128 Megs RAM, Geforce 2 GTS 32 Meg DDR 200@230, 55 Gigs Total HD space, Sony CDBurner, Haupagge TV Card, Intel 10/100 Pro NIC, MS Intelimouse Explorer, Altec Lansing 3 piece front stage, Creative Cambridge Works rear stage (2 subs!), SB Live, 19 inch Komodo monitor, Win2k. COOLING: 24 inch AOpen case, 300 watt PS, 2 four inch fans blowing on Alpha-clone heatsink, 2 four inch fans above PS pulling hot air out. Total of 8 fans! : )



Case #108  
Name  :  Seahorse
E-Mail  :  seahorse@seagrave.org
Site  :  http://www.seagrave.org/articles/PC%20Upgrade.shtml
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  1 Gig Tbird @ 1.1, 256mb pc 133 Ram, GForce 2 MX, SBlive. Custom painted Globalwin 802 with Space Invader window, UV lighting, 2 extra 80mm Sunons, spiral wrapped, rounded cabling that fluoresces and a home made baybus controlling the fans with rheostats, UV light switch & VU meter running off the soundcard. Goes as fast a she looks....



Case #107  
Name  :  James Hare
E-Mail  :  jjhare@longwood.lwc.edu
Site  :  N/A
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  "Alcohol and marijuana, if used in moderation, plus loud, usually low-class music, make boredom and stress infinitely more bearable" ~kurt vonnegut.



Case #106  
Name  :  SaberDyne
E-Mail  :  Tsmith3@elp.rr.com
Site  :  N/A
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  My first attempt at modding. Asus K7V, Slot A Thunderbird 750 @ 850. 256 MB ram. GeForce 2 MX, Monster Sound MX300, 56 GB of space on Maxtor Hard drives controlled by an Inno3D IDE RAID Controller. One more 15 GB drive as a Win98 drive. Linksys NIC, Additional 4 port USB card. Digital Doc 3 (just used mainly for the temps. All my fans are 4 pin.). This box has 4 92 MM HO Sunon fans(2 on the window 2 on the top) 2 80 MM HO fans (on the back above the power supply) 1 slot fan below the Video card and 1 120 MM HO Sunon fan brining the cool air in the front. I had almost the same set up in an Enlight 7237 case and that was loud. With this case I added 2 more 92 MM fans and the noise level is no where near before.


Latest Entry : June 14th, 2004 - 15:57:11
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