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Latest Entry : June 14th, 2004 - 15:57:11
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Case #630  
Name  :  PyscoFalcon
E-Mail  :  PyscoFalcon@pyroport.com
Site  :  http://www.pyroport.com/pyscoanimals
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  Some 50 atx thing, Ph33r da ph3mal3s - ph33r m3h! The pic with the Black Falcon is the best side



Case #629  
Name  :  Paul Buckmaster
E-Mail  :  Purr4Kc@aol.com
Site  :  N/A
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  It is an 800 mhz cpu with a radeon ve and 512 mb of ram not my best one but the most modded. also it has a 30 gig hd and cd burner with a new q platnum. i put in a ac powered 120mm fan in the front where the white box in the front is actually a light switch that turns the fan on and off. thanks for the post!



Case #628  
Name  :  Potato Joe
E-Mail  :  potatojoe@lvcm.com
Site  :  http://www.potatojoe.com
Case  :  Enermax
Comments  :  Enermax Case w/330W PSU. 1700XP, MSI K7T266 Pro-RU MOBO, 256Mb PC2100 w/Thermaltake RAM Cooler, GeForce3 w/Thermaltake "Blue Orb" & Heatsinks, SB Audigy Platinum Soundcard, Thermaltake Volcano 7+AMD CPU Cooler, 60GB Western Digital 7200RPM HD, 24x10x40x Samsung CD-RW w/window mod, 12x HP DVD-ROM, PCMODS 4 Switch LED Baybus, Blue 10" cold cathode light, Klipsh ProMedia 2.1 Sound System, Black Antec Keyboard, Razor Boomslang 2000,Nostromo Gaming Pad, 2 80mm Panaflo Case Fans, 2 80mm Blue LED Case Fans, Custom side and top Lexan windows. Mirror on bottom, 19" HP mx90 Monitor :) More pictures at website!



Case #627  
Name  :  PCSolutions411
E-Mail  :  PCSolutions411@hotmail.com
Site  :  N/A
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  It is a P4@1.9 Ghz with 2 40GB Harddrives, 1 CD-Rom, 1 CDRW, 512 MB RAM, 2 80mm fan in the rear. Also has a VU meter built in and wired the light to the front panel so when a CD is play it light up nicely. It is raise of the desk about half an inch and has blue light on under it. Also the inside is painted with neon white paint and has a black light that shows up nice with the lights out.



Case #626  
Name  :  Ozziegn
E-Mail  :  ozziegn@hotmail.com
Site  :  http://www.designsbyozzie.com
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  Athlon XP1800 w/ Alpha PAL8045 w/ 68cfm Delta fan, Epox 8KHA+ motherboard w/ 512megs of Crucial PC2100 RAM, Visiontek Geforce 4 Ti4600 video w/ VIVO, SB Live! 5.1 audio, Maxtor 80gig 7200 RPM HDD - ATA133 controller card, TDK 32X10X40 CD-RW, Toshiba 12X DVD, 2 Lazer LEDS from www.glowire.com, 1 Red Cold Cathode, Enermax 431 Watt P/S, and my Lian Li PC71 aluminum case.



Case #625  
Name  :  Neil Pickard (EVILBUG)
E-Mail  :  neil_pickard88@yahoo.com
Site  :  N/A
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  This is my first case mod, I think it went well for my first go. AMD Duron 733 384 meg ram, 40GigHD, ATI-all-in-wonder 128Pro (captuer and graphics card AGP), Real-magic DVD card, Sound Blaster Live!. DVD-CDR combo, CDR drive.



Case #624  
Name  :  Mr. P10
E-Mail  :  mr.p10@ntlworld.com
Site  :  N/A
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  Well I've been busy since I last visited this site... as yours was the first to kick my modding hobby into gear...as after I found your site by chance and now im hooked....thought id drop you a pic of my humble beginings and on the technical side of things my system runs cooler because of the tidy up in there.....since I've taken the picture I have added a Zalman fan bracket to point at my gfx card...which is getting changed shortly to a gforce ti 4200...as my voodoo 3 is no longer kickin it!!!! , and I've cut myhole for the window as a m8 of mine is sorting out the acylic for me , the front of the case now has a nice blue l.e.d and all the lighting runs from a switch at the front....next mod on the agenda will be the 3 L.E.D`s on the keyboard and a digidoc, then a possible spray job.



Case #623  
Name  :  John Gordon
E-Mail  :  jgord_2000@yahoo.com
Site  :  N/A
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  My first mods... well, really they are just painted but would like to add more to them soon as it is my first ones starting out and would like some advise on what I shuld do next... I call them fire and ice, one is a HP case and the other no brand name. Just thought it would be cool to share with you all.



Case #622  
Name  :  Ceph
E-Mail  :  cephalapos@hotmail.com
Site  :  N/A
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  AthlonXP 1800+ OC'ed to 1.611 on Biostar board, GeForce2 Ti w/ 64 meg DDR, 256 megs system memory, Realtech NIC, 50x CD-ROM, 24x10x40 CD-RW, 6 fans total, Custom cables and wrap, Lexan window with LED lighting. I made the backlight casebadge myself. This is my first mod project, and I'm always working on it.



Case #621  
Name  :  [Mage]Spooks
E-Mail  :  spooks@clanmage.net
Site  :  http://www.clanmage.net/main.php
Case  :  Antec
Comments  :  I am working with a local artist who is also a friend of mine to do something a little different. I have seen too many windows, neon, etc. I wanted my case mod to stand out and personally I think it does just that. We are thinking of marketing a few hand painted cases to see if the idea takes off. This case is hand painted, not airbrushed. EPoX 8KHA+, AthlonXP 1800+, GeForce2 GTS, SBLive!



Case #620  
Name  :  Jeff Armstrong
E-Mail  :  jajarmstrong@networld.com
Site  :  http://members.networld.com/jajarmstrong/
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  Not the best looking thing but it is highly effective.



Case #619  
Name  :  jcvdien
E-Mail  :  jcvdien@wanadoo.nl
Site  :  N/A
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  AMD ThunderBird 1.4GHz, 350W PSU, 40GB HDD, 4 x 80mm case fans (1 flowerpower with volt switch), 3 Hd iceberg coolers, 1 collermaster processor cooler, 64MB nVIDIA 3D card, rounded cables, fan switches.



Case #618  
Name  :  Just Jack
E-Mail  :  Jack@Ripper.com
Site  :  http://www.ripper.com
Case  :  Chieftec
Comments  :  Soyo Dragon Ultra Platinum mobo, AMD XP 2100, 512 X 1 DDR 3000 Corsair XMS, Western Digital WD1200JB (7.2k 8MB Cache), Leadtek WinFast A250 Ultra (GeForce 4 4600/128MB), Thermaltake Volcano 7+, SoundBlaster Live, DVD, TDK 40X CDRW. As I was building the new system my wife put in the Battlestar Galactica DVD. As I was assembling the systems and kept seeing a Cylon in my case, I pursued the idea with a friends help. The red LEDs are powered and driven by the parallel port. I used 8 LEDs, 3 feet of ribbon cable and a lot of tape. My friend wrote a small program to allow me to program the movement of the LEDs. The effect is great! Added 3 UV lamps internally, powered the heat sink on the A250 to make it glow and stand out; I used UV active yellow tie wraps and add 3 Dual ball Bering fans for airflow.



Case #617  
Name  :  Iqamah
E-Mail  :  iqamah@asia1.com
Site  :  N/A
Case  :  Chieftec
Comments  : 



Case #616  
Name  :  rlith
E-Mail  :  eonnet1@hotmail.com
Site  :  http://home.attbi.com/~slavrinc
Case  :  Enlight - 8960
Comments  :  Enlight 8960 case, Dual PIII 1.2 Ghz,Tyan Tiger 200 MB, 4 18 gig Segate LVD 160 Baracuda HD's, Visiontek Geforce 2 TI video Card, 1 gig ram (512 showed in pic), Dual 600 Watt hot swap reduntant power supplies (600 each, not total), fans disassembled and blades done in flourecent pink and orange, Ice Neon from Streetglow, 12" blacklight, CDRW, DVD, CD, DDS 4 Tape backup, All wires spiral wrapped and cables rounded. Sides are almost done and will be updated when they come back from the autobody shop. 12 80MM Sunon Fans with failure alarms. This isn't a finished project, it's only the begining! This particular case was made for modding!


Latest Entry : June 14th, 2004 - 15:57:11
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