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Submit your cool case mod to the gallery! Don't worry, there's no criteria set. Just send us the following info :
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Latest Entry : June 14th, 2004 - 15:57:11
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Case #150  
Name  :  Shane Ulyatt
E-Mail  :  sales@alienmedia.com.au
Site  :  http://www.alienmedia.com.au/cases
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  It's me again from Alien Media with another mod for ya to wack up on your site :)

Here is another mod I did for a friend the title of the design is "The Spitfire" and his name is Lee Pickering. This logo comes from the skateboarding company Spitfire and was put together by the gang at Alien Media cases! Thanks d00dz!



Case #149  
Name  :  shinma
E-Mail  :  shinma@pacbell.net
Site  :  http://www.shinma.net
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  First attempt at modding. Plexi window on side, 2 80mm fans, baybus with blue leds. Tetsuo action figure inside the case. Case sides and top sanded down with super fine sandpaper, and lots of water. Front painted flat black. Drawing up plans for my next system.



Case #148  
Name  :  Monte
E-Mail  :  leyting@gmx.de
Site  :  http://www.leyting.de/fotos/casemod.html
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  : 



Case #147  
Name  :  Daemosthenes
E-Mail  :  ender_sai@yahoo.com
Site  :  N/A
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  It all started when my FIC Socket-A mobo w/ Duron 700 started crapping out on me...I got so angry I ripped it out of the case and put in my old mobo w/ P2 350. Unfortunately, because I have a new ASUS board in the mail for my Duron, I was too lazy to reinstall everything correctly. So, we are left with an amazingly accessible and remarkably cool case setup for my remaining parts. It's not overclocked or anything, but it sure is fun to mess around with.

Update: Well, my Asus A7V133 arrived in the mail today, so my case is back to its boring old self. However, plans are in the works for a new mod! Coming soon...



Case #146  
Name  :  modelci
E-Mail  :  a_ergin@hotmail.com
Site  :  http://www.modelci.com
Case  :  Enlight - 7237
Comments  :  In the top of 5.25 there is a radiator and 3 fans are taking hot air outside. And there is an "aluminium water block inside copper pipes". I made it with casting tecnology.Did you see a water block like this?



Case #145  
Name  :  Tasmaniac
E-Mail  :  skitty@microtech.com.au
Site  :  http://go.to/cinematic-UT
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  My first attempt at case-modding. Unknown Cheapo case, Gun metal paint job, Twin red neons, Chrome bezel LEDs, Heatshrunk cables, Banshee cooler made from PVC pipe+ 80mm sunnon, Celeron 400, 128mb, Voodoo Banshee, Fujitsu 8.2gb HD, 40x cdrom, Mitsumi CR 4804TE CD-RW, Sounblaster LIVE! digital.



Case #144  
Name  :  Chris Winiarz
E-Mail  :  cwiniarz@home.com
Site  :  http://www.sysreview.com
Case  :  AOpen - HX08
Comments  :  AOpen HX08 nothing real special on this case i am still working on it. For now it's a Celeron 500 @ 650, 256mb of pc 133 ram, AOpen GeForce 2 Deluxe 32mb DDR, Polk audio RM6200 speaker setup (pretty expensive), WinTV card, New zoltrix Nighingale sound card and a Plextor 12/10/32 cdrw. Oh ya all the hardware was free.



Case #143  
Name  :  Cameron Smith
E-Mail  :  cameron@coolsnap.com
Site  :  http://www.CoolSnap.com
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  This is the first mod I have done. The camera's flash makes the paint look a lot worse than normal. Because it is a midi case there was no room for the power pack inside, so I have cut a hole and mounted it on the side. Next I will add some fans on the side and top.



Case #142  
Name  :  Jasper Johnson
E-Mail  :  jasper@ticon.net
Site  :  http://www.jjhh.freeservers.com
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  This is a CyberMax with a cyrix6x86 120mhz p150 proccessor with 32mb ram 10gb hdd 2.5gb removable hdd 48x cdrom, the moded faceplate has power led, hdd led, reset switch-"the origianal doesnt work", bass level control, and a headphone connector.



Case #141  
Name  :  Jamie "The Torch" Mccudden
E-Mail  :  thetorch@mtoverclocking.co.uk
Site  :  http://www.mtoverclocking.oc.uk
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  Dual PSU's, six switch baybus which is a combined fanbus ie all in one box ;-) 1Ghz TBird @ 1.133Ghz, FOP38, Abit KT7, 128Mb Kingmax, Leadtek SDR Geforce w Blue ORB..... Window Mod "the molding was a real b***h to fit :(", buttons painted silver, along with motif on the front "very subtle" Blue LED to light up the components at night "need to get some night pics taken ;)" sorry bout the crappy pics guys but i couldn't get a hold of a digi cam at the time :(



Case #140  
Name  :  MaxDamage
E-Mail  :  maxdamage@packetpirate.com
Site  :  N/A
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  Not done yet. Still have a couple things to do. Thermostat on its way.



Case #139  
Name  :  jinwei
E-Mail  :  jinwei@bluesmoke.net
Site  :  http://www.bluesmoke.net
Case  :  SuperMicro - SC-750A
Comments  :  Half of the JustCoolers failed. In the meantime, I can't leave my HDDs on heat. So here's a temporary mod to the SuperMicro SC-750A. Hey, it's ghetto, but it works. :)



Case #138  
Name  :  B@NG
E-Mail  :  bangs@email.dk
Site  :  N/A
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  Calvin loves AMD :)



Case #137  
Name  :  DPanter
E-Mail  :  DPanter@hem.passagen.se
Site  :  http://www.dpanter.net
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  My sister likes cows... and she was hogging my computer all the time, so I built her a Cow Box. Nothing special, it runs just fine with a Cel2 600@900. Check the site for more pics and info. It's the exterior that's unusual with this baby...



Case #136  
Name  :  Bodyman
E-Mail  :  Bodyman17@aol.com
Site  :  N/A
Case  :  Unbranded
Comments  :  This is a PII 333 overclocked at 400Mhz with 128MB RAM, Voodoo3 3000, Cd-Rom 50x, Burner HP 8x4x32. On my computer I put 6 Fans and 3 on my CPU heatsink.


Latest Entry : June 14th, 2004 - 15:57:11
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